Monday, April 11, 2016

Gilles Dyan, Charles Senouff , David Steiner Custom Fraud, Unpaid Commissions

Gailord Bovrisse international investment realized the largest sale in Asia. 
A collection of 46 paintings, Picasso, Rothko, Twombly, Chagall, Dali, Renoir, Gauguin, Van Gogh, this large private collection transaction has been taken secretly.

But. We are not here to talk about this success today! We are here to restored a the false reputation of Gailord Bovrisse and Golden Trade Fine Art Inc. the New York French marchand company.

Bovrisse has been banish from the art market only based on an article wrote by Brian Boucher Artnet pseudo- Journalist who refused to give the right of answering the allegation on his article alleged by David Steiner Lawyer of Opera Gallery group Gilles Dyan and Charles Senouff. Free defamation…
All of this story and lawsuit have been made because a commission of US$ 300’000,00 by Gilles Dyan and Opera Gallery Monaco to Gailord Bovrisse and Golden Trade Fine Art Inc , based on a sale of a fragment by Claude Monet belonging to Claude Kechichian ( Painting have been restored by the Gilles Dyan's Son’s Wife ) .
After all of those allegation and the lawsuit, Bovrisse may have been in a difficulty to trust any one on this market.
The sale of the 46 paintings has been revealed by the family office of the Owner “. That is to restored Bovrisse credit into the art community.
Also the Seller reported Dyan behavior, when he purchase Art from his Gallery in Monaco.
Report showed (Fraud from Opera Gallery Paris ( Art et Antique and a private company of Gilles Dyan and Charles Senouff International Point Limited a Hong-Kong company, Opera Gallery Hong-Kong like Wildeinstein family Dyan will be fallow by the justice a day or so.

Other case to fallow for Fraud against Gilles Dyan.
--- Plaintiff
Audigier Brand Management Group LLC


Has the Art Market should know. A painting by Pierre Soulages purchased by Gilles Dyan private trust to Golden Trade Fine Arts Inc for Euros 1’020’000,00 and put back on sale thru this Gilles Dyan company to Opera Gallery London proposed for the small amount of Euros US$3’000’000,00 such a small profit. With a special discounted price of US$ 2’800’000,00. 
(Peinture 114 x 146cm., 15 février 1954 by Pierre SOULAGES) Invoice has been declined from the Brazilian Client, Paolo Cesar final refused to purchase the painting based on the false information indicated on the Opera Gallery London Website when he discovered that the painting wasn’t inot a private collection since 2008 but was not sold in auction in London couple month before at Christies and resold by Golden Trade Fine Art Inc. 
Fraud has been showed for false indication to make high profit on the benefices of his new client.

Has evidences going, we also received a proof of refund by Gailord Bovrisse and Golden Trade Fine Art Inc Euros 260'000,00 euros to Gilles Dyan and Art et Antique (Opera Gallery Groupe Paris)
The drawing couldn’t be delivered because of a changing price by Catherine Couturier Beyeler Foundation public relation, (Also Art dealer and Fraud tax payer thru their offshore company covered by Peter Hass at Mobel Transport, She could afford to finish the construction of million $ house in Ibiza , much more, Catherine Couturier used her position at the Beyler Foundation to locate paintings and approach Buyer and Seller with her Friend Oliver Wick.
Gilles Dyan and M Steiner forgot to mention the art market about this honest refund for breach of contract.
The just go deeper against Gailord Bovrisse and Golden Trade Fine Art about the Chagall to cover the unpaid commission.

Gilles Dyan, Opera Gallery Monaco mention that all was related about a situation that he refused to paid the due Monet fragment owned to Golden Trade Fine Art Inc and Gailord Bovrisse instead.
Email written by Gilles Dyan Personally showed how he does like to paid commission, verbiage (Please keep it secret no one should know about this transaction to not paid commission).

An agreement has been signed for a refund by Golden Trade Fine Art inc of US$575’000,00 and agreed to paid to Golden Trade Fine Arts Inc and Gailord Bovrisse US$225’000,00 in compensation of the Monet commission transaction in exchange of a deposition against the law firm Rubin and Associate the Law firm who was represented the interest of Golden Trade Fine Art Inc at that time.
If the deposition is not done, the agreement will be rejected and ending. M Steiner, Opera Gallery and Gilles Dyan attorney wrote a letter to M. Bovrisse (threat to the objectives to go for more defamation against M. Bovrisse and Golden Trade Fine Art Inc. to the world Art Press list has been cited).
Apparently lawsuits against M Steiner for defamation and threat have been file to the District Attorney in Los Angeles.
From our sources it is not the first time that M Steiner will be sued for this intimidation act and threat against some individual.

Should Dyan and Opera Gallery not being satisfied about getting part of their money back running free of paying only US$225’000,00 instead of US$ 300’000,00 commission to Bovrisse and Golden Trade Fine Art Inc ?
No the want more and more...

Bovrisse showed his honesty by refunding money of the Picasso transaction, bringing a million $ profit to Gilles Dyan, Charles Senouff thru Opera Gallery Paris (Art et Antique ) Offshore company in Hong-kong or Chypre. Panama…

False declaration could conduct Gilles Dyan and Charles Senouff to custody for fraud. For sure Custom false declaration it’s a crime, in France, in England, in Switzerland, in US.
File showed by a private practice detective that Opera Gallery Gallery’s, Gilles Dyan, Charles Senouff FRAUD and that fraud have being covered by David Steiner on person for the US Customs.

(Those allegations are based on document signed and stamp by Opera Gallery Paris with Bank Transaction official document).
(All right to reserved a personal interpretation).

M Dyan & M Senouff, please before going against some individual or company look the front of your doors, IRS should ring the bell...
M Steiner defamation it's a crime, covering fraud it's a crime, being lawyer and art dealer are not the right way to practice.

Opera Gallery Group made US$220’000’000,00 last year.

Nicky Node, The Butcher of Art 
For the truth of the art market worldwide...


  1. Gailord Bovrisse tried to rent a property and refused to provide the normal information required to do so. Acted outraged that he would even be questioned which is always a red flag.

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